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Praise for Brewing Revolution

“Appleton's efforts inspired a wealth of microbreweries in Canada and the US, and his story is a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in craft-beer revival. Highly recommended!”
~ Midwest Book Review, August 2017

“Appleton has a warm, often subtly humorous approach to his memoir and this is emblematic of how much the craft-beer industry has meant to him over the years. There is an intimate passion with which he remembers amazingly minute details… Brewing Revolution is a great, fun read and one that you won’t mind spending the money on.”
~Malcolm Wilkins, Ubyssey, September 2016

“While Brewing Revolution is certainly an engaging read for anyone who likes beer, it is also filled with technical suggestions and tricks of the trade that will be especially interesting for home brewers or those aspiring to be professional brewers themselves. Throughout, Appleton’s style is entertaining and easy to read. He is especially deft at handling dialogue, bringing to life scenes from his past with a cinematic clarity. All in all, it would be a welcome addition to any beer lover’s library.”
~ Joe Wiebe, The Vancouver Sun, October 14, 2016

“The book takes readers on a fascinating journey with a wonderfully personal account of Appleton’s contributions to the brewing revolution, the brew pub phenomenon, and the art of beer making.”
--Publisher’s Weekly, December 2016

“Each turn in the story is captivating and informative. Appleton includes scientific information, technical pointers for those interested in starting up a new brewery, and even a recommended reading list.”
-- Becca Smith, Booklist, December 2016

“Frank Appleton’s new book Brewing Revolution has immediately become a must-read for fans of BC craft beer. Aside from the simple fact that this story from the pioneer days of BC craft beer needed to be told in greater depth than before, Appleton provides the tale with intelligence, knowledge and personality… From the first page to the last, Appleton surpasses the reader’s expectations with a personal recounting of the craft beer movement both inside and outside of BC.”
-- Ted Child, What’s Brewing Magazine, Winter 2016-17