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Praise for Breathing Fire

"These are excellent poems, much better than the work of my own earlier generation. They are here by an act of magic, ripened and full blown, youthful but experienced, a gift we have given ourselves." —Al Purdy

"Here we have graceful, unnerving poems by a new generation of poets whose wisdom is never ponderous, and whose spirituality dwells most radiantly in the plain." —Susan Musgrave

"The variety and excellence really need to be read to be believed. Among poets and poems from Victoria, visit the violent, intense universe of Judy MacInnes, Jr., and read "Crocuses," by Jay Ruzesky; "Still Falling," by Kevin Paul; "Brother and Sister," by Carla Funk; and "Summer's Kitchen," by Joy Kirsten. Al Purdy says it best: "These authors ... are here by an act of magic, ripened and full blown, youthful but experienced, a gift we have given ourselves." Victoria Boulevard

"An exciting and powerful example of the next generation of Canadian poets." —rob mclennan, Missing Jacket

". . . the poets have been painstakingly selected from submissions and their work is presented (in generously large groupings and with a rather wonderful rogues' gallery of photographic portraits) in resolutely alphabetical order. For all that, the result is, as it has to be, writing of consistently high quality. . . there are so many good poems here, it would seem a random rather than an inevitable enterprise to single out any. . . All worthwhile, as the reader will discover." —Robert Clayton Casto, Books in Canada

"Readers anywhere, from aspiring or established poets to those who simply want to experience some good poetry will appreciate the variety this book offers and the bond of being a part of one generation that holds the poets together. . . In bringing together these new voices, the editors have created a fresh, focused book of poetry which is destined to have as powerful an influence on the developing voice of poetry as its two illustrious predecessors [Storm Warning and The New Canadian Poets] — the mentoring of established poets nurturing and acknowledging new voices." —Adrienne Ho, In 2 Print

"The literary terrain covered in Breathing Fire is as passionate as it is vast. Sure, there are poems spanning the East Coast, West Coast, territories and everything in between. But look a bit closer and you'll find stories about furtive sex in Denmark, a lonely Cosmonaut orbiting the Earth, and a toad tucked in the mud, "a tough weathered wrinkling/ of vegetable green". . . they all share a keen eye for creating vibrant images that seem to jump off the page and tingle the senses. These new poets flex their strong voices through passionate, lusty prose that speaks volumes about a generation the mass media too often dismiss as weak and mute." —Michael MacDonald, Canadian Press