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Peter Trower

"It isn't often that you come across a poetic voice that truly reflects the history and feeling of the land and its folk - a poet of the people."
-The Globe and Mail

"Trower's poetry has the ring of an authentic but tuneful working-class Dylan Thomas. . . These are poems with grit."
-Vancouver Sun

". . .heft and passion and a gift for telling place and detail."
-Irving Layton

"His roots are the west and his language is free and he sings where others only say."

"He is writing about the common man, about love and sex and death. Terrific stories. Beautiful poetry."
-Patrick Lane

"Words jump and push and leap and whisper and roar in your ears. All the strange jargon of loggers is at his command. . . bounding careening free verse that snaps and crackles in your ears."

"The poet laureate of this mountain kingdom."

"Among the 'unknown poets' Peter Trower ranks with Milton Acorn . . . Haig-Brown is a prose parallel . . . but the voice is entirely Trower's own. A poet worth knowing."
-Al Purdy

". . .fine, strong, original - the kind of grassroots poetry that I am always on the look out for."
-Dorothy Livesay

"A poet who speaks plainly about plain themes in a way that is honest, direct and moving."
-John Newlove

"There is a strong, Dylan Thomas quality of vivid imagery and physical power."
-Ira Nadel, CBC Radio

"He has written at least ten great poems. Who has done that? Anyone? Not many. When you read these poems, you feel like falling down on your knees to praise the divine muses."
-Howard White, The Georgia Straight

"Trower can capture a vital image in a few simple lines and evoke his acute perception of the humour, irony and despair of a man's existence."
-Aeron Rowland, Toronto Star