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Michael Wigle

author image Michael Wigle has lived and worked in on the Central Coast of British Columbia for 19 years. He has worked as a tree planter, and on watershed assessment in the Bella Coola area. His photos appeared in BC Outdoors Magazine, and British Columbia: A Natural History. He lives in Bella Coola.


Book Cover Bella Coola: Life in the Heart of the Coast Mountains
978-1-55017-305-5 · 1-55017-305-7 · December 2003 · Hardback
CAD$32.95 · USD$32.95
Book Cover Birds of the Raincoast: Habits and Habitat
978-1-55017-300-0 · 1-55017-300-6 · October 2004 · Hardback
CAD$44.95 · USD$44.95
Winner of the 2005 BC Booksellers' Choice Award in Honour of Bill Duthie Birds of the Raincoast is a book that moves beyond simple identification to probe deeper into the lives of our feathered friends.