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Joe Denham

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Joe Denham is the author of four collections of poetry, including Regeneration Machine (Nightwood Editions, 2015), which won the Canadian Authors Association Award for Poetry and was a finalist for the 2016 Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry. Denham is also the author of a novel, The Year of Broken Glass. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, including Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets (Persea Books, 2005) as well as Spindrift (Douglas & McIntyre, 2017). He lives with his wife and two children in Halfmoon Bay, BC.


Book Cover Flux
978-0-88971-194-5 · 0-88971-194-1 · October 2003 · Paperback
CAD$15.95 · USD$15.95
"Joe Denham is just what the insular Canadian poetry world needed - an unheralded talent. Not since Ken Babstock has such a poet arrived..." -Shane Neilson, Arc
Book Cover Landfall
978-0-88971-336-9 · 0-88971-336-7 · October 2017 · Paperback
CAD$18.95 · USD$18.95
Book Cover Regeneration Machine
978-0-88971-317-8 · 0-88971-317-0 · October 2015 · Paperback
CAD$18.95 · USD$18.95

“The things he says; the way he says them; how he insists on singing his pain onto the page… Denham has become one of our most important poets.”
—Steven Heighton

Regeneration Machine is a wave-like poem of impressive integrity, at times muscular and searing, at times delicate and tender. It possesses that rare quality of reading as if its poet either had to write it or else sink into utter despair at the loss of his faith in the human spirit’s capacity to withstand the ravages our exploited planet continues to endure.
—Canadian Authors Association

Book Cover Windstorm
978-0-88971-243-0 · 0-88971-243-3 · September 2009 · Paperback
CAD$17.95 · USD$17.95
Windstorm is a book you lean into; its combination of passion for subject matter and hard-earned craft is almost enough to bowl a reader over. -Winnipeg Free Press
Book Cover The Year of Broken Glass
978-0-88971-252-2 · 0-88971-252-2 · April 2011 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
Delving with authority into the bullet-ridden, the near-divine and the shortcomings of the heart, this is a flat-out terrific book. —Adam Lewis Schroeder The Year of Broken Glass is as startlingly original as the legendary fishing float that captivates its characters, and is as permeated with fragile beauty as the coastal and oceanic worlds it both celebrates and mourns. —Angie Abdou