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Joe Barber-Starkey

Joe Barber-Starkey was born in England in 1918, but spent nearly all his life on Vancouver Island working in municipal and environmental engineering. After retirement he spent 10 years as a volunteer guide for school programs at the Royal BC Museum. He has written two children's books for Harbour Publishing, Jason and the Sea Otter and Jason's New Dugout Canoe.


Book Cover Jason and the Sea Otter
978-1-55017-162-4 · 1-55017-162-3 · 1997 · Paperback
CAD$12.95 · USD$12.95
“Jason and the Sea Otter is an enchanting story for younger children as well as an excellent introduction to West Coast native life.” -Edmonton Journal
Book Cover Jason's New Dugout Canoe
978-1-55017-229-4 · 1-55017-229-8 · September 2000 · Hardback
CAD$18.95 · USD$18.95
"Writer Joe Barber-Starkey tells Jason's adventure so every reader will feel the loss of his canoe. . . [with] the vitality of the stylized pictures in easy conjunction with the words. . .scenes of total bliss." -National Post