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James Barber

author image James Barber (1923-2007) was best recognized as the host of the internationally acclaimed TV series The Urban Peasant. His best-selling books include One-Pot Wonders, Peasantís Alphabet Peasantís Choice and Cooking for Two. He was a regular contributor to a wide range of publications including Pacific Yachting, the Globe & Mail, Western Living, the Georgia Straight and the Vancouver Province. Barber died at the age of 84 on November 27, 2007 at his home in Duncan BC.


ď[Barber] shared with his many fans his surprise that food preparation had been hidden behind a wall of jargon and false expertiseĒ - Tom Hawthorn, The Globe and Mail


Book Cover Cooking for Two Revised
978-1-55017-416-8 · 1-55017-416-9 · May 2007 · Paperback
New Revised Edition of Cooking for Two!
Book Cover The Genius of James Barber: His Best Recipes
978-1-55017-449-6 · 1-55017-449-5 · November 2008 · Paperback
CAD$26.95 · USD$26.95
Distinguished fans pay tribute to a nationally beloved, culinary icon, with a mouth-watering collection of recipes.
Book Cover One-Pot Wonders
978-1-55017-378-9 · 1-55017-378-2 · June 2006 · Hardback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
James Barber features over one hundred mouth-watering simple gourmet recipes to enjoy when you're out on the water.
Book Cover One-Pot Wonders: James Barberís Recipes for Land and Sea
978-1-55017-871-5 · 1-55017-871-7 · March 2019 · Paperback
CAD$14.95 · USD$14.95

A new trade paper edition of James Barberís classic book features over one hundred simple yet gourmet recipes to enjoy when youíre out on the water.