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Glenn Rusth

Winnipeg native Glenn Rusth is author of the bestselling Canadian Crosswords: A Look at Canada Through Crosswords, Canadian Prairies Crosswords, and British Columbia Crosswords. He lives in Maple Ridge, BC.


Book Cover British Columbia Crosswords
978-1-55017-243-0 · 1-55017-243-3 · February 2002 · Paperback
CAD$8.95 · USD$8.95
Puzzles that cater to all levels of expertise, from the BC scholar to the BC stranger.
Book Cover Canadian Prairies Crosswords
978-1-55017-310-9 · 1-55017-310-3 · February 2003 · Paperback
CAD$8.95 · USD$8.95
A fun exploration of the Prairie provinces through the world's most popular puzzle.
Book Cover Ontario Crosswords
978-1-55017-321-5 · 1-55017-321-9 · February 2004 · Paperback
CAD$8.95 · USD$8.95
Challenging crosswords covering every aspect of life in the province of Ontario.