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Frank Appleton

Frank Appleton has been consultant brewmaster to twenty brewing operations, including consulting in brewery design, startup and brewer training. In 2009, Appleton received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Craft Brewing from CAMRA Chapter Victoria. He lives in Edgewood, BC.


Book Cover Brewing Revolution: Pioneering the Craft Beer Movement
978-1-55017-782-4 · 1-55017-782-6 · September 2016 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95

“I was just one of the first to write an article that became a revolutionary pamphlet; it said something that many had thought—that good beer, flavourful and nutritious beer, had become debased. It had lost out to a mass-produced pale imitation of itself. The reaction was an idea whose time had come.”

—from Chapter 17