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Donna Wuest

author image Donna (Yoshitake) Wuest was born and raised on the Coldstream Ranch during the years when much of the land was orchard. During one of her return visits to the Ranch as an adult, she was inspired to write its history. She works as a freelance journalist and writer in Vancouver, BC.


Book Cover Coldstream: The Ranch Where It All Began
978-1-55017-343-7 · 1-55017-343-X · April 2005 · Paperback
CAD$28.95 · USD$28.95
“Coldstream Ranch is right in the middle of suburbia. Most ranches, if the cattle did get out, they’re on someone else’s range. If the Coldstream cattle get out, they’re on somebody’s lawn . . . People are understandably annoyed that there are cows tromping in their rose beds. Then we come along and have to gallop through the beds. We’ve tripped over lawn furniture trying to round up cows.” —Sandy Boyd, cowboy