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Bob Mackin

Award-winning North Vancouver journalist Bob Mackinís Olympic journey began in the fall of 1998 when he attended the news conference at BC Place Stadium announcing Vancouver's bid to become Canadaís candidate for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Almost twelve years later, he was among the last people to leave the stadium after the Games closed. He even donned a pair of red mittens to carry the Olympic torch in Edmonton. Bob spent ten years as a sports columnist with the Vancouver Courier and reported for six years for 24 Hours Vancouver and the Sun Media chain. He is the author of three books on baseball trivia and one on soccer.


Book Cover Goals and Dreams: A Celebration of Canadian Women's Soccer
978-0-88971-205-8 · 0-88971-205-0 · August 2005 · Paperback
CAD$14.95 · USD$14.95
The first book on Canadaís most popular sport for girls!