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Ben Parfitt


Book Cover Forest Follies: Adventures and Misadventures in the Great Canadian Forest
978-1-55017-192-1 · 1-55017-192-5 · 1998 · Paperback
CAD$18.95 · USD$18.95
"Parfitt's organization of material and unpretentious, down-to-earth style make the book easy to read, even when its revelations are unsettling." -Coast Independent
Book Cover Forestopia: A Practical Guide to the New Forest Economy
978-1-55017-096-2 · 1-55017-096-1 · June 1994 · Paperback
CAD$26.95 · USD$26.95
Can we keep our old-growth forests and our logging and forestry jobs? The authors of this groundbreaking work say we can.