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Anne Yeadon-Jones

For Voyage of the Dreamspeaker
“There’s a jolly practicality to the text that makes this handsome book a good gift for a sailor, if not an armchair traveller.”
-The Globe and Mail

“Nothing if not hip-nautical… This is a book no West Coast sailor worth his salt – or even a land-lubber who wants to explore the area – should be without.”
-The Province

“Anne is no only a crack sailor, she accentuate the positive in every encounter, whether with natural beauty, natural folks, or natural disaster.”
-Norwesting Magazine

For The Broughtons
“These sailors cum authors don’t just ply the water where they travel, they connect with the people and the communities. That intimacy is reflected in this popular series of cruising guides…essential for local and visiting boaters.”
-Teresa Bird, North Island Gazette

“The completeness of The Broughtons is truly exhaustive…A valuable addition to the library of any serious cruiser”
-Robert Buller, Pacific Yachting

“Deeply immersed in the culture of boating, The Broughtons is an indispensable guide for any boater who wishes to visit this beautiful corner of our BC Coast… Highly recommended”
-Catherine Dook, Boat Journal